RFP for Overhead Doors Replacement

June 13, 2024

Overhead Doors Replacement

Sealed proposals will be received at the Victor Fire District, 34 Maple Ave, Victor, NY, 14564 by the Fire District Secretary for the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Victor Fire District until July 18, 2024, at 2 p.m., prevailing time, for the replacement of the overhead doors at the Victor Fire House.

The enclosure containing the proposal shall be endorsed on the outside thereof with the submitter’s name, the business address to which communications may be sent, and the title of the work for which the proposal is made. Proposals shall be delivered to the Victor Fire District Secretary in a method designed to assure actual receipt by the stated time and date. Proposals that are mailed shall be sent to the Victor Fire District, Attn: Fire District Secretary, 34 Maple Ave, Victor, New York 14564 and should be sent with enough lead time to assure actual receipt by the stated time and date. Proposals which are mailed to the Victor Fire Districts will not be considered delivered until they are actually received by the Fire District. Mailing a proposal by the stated time and date shall not constitute delivery for bidding purposes.

In case a proposal seeks to furnish any other work or item in substitution for the particular item contained in the Scope of Work, the proposal must clearly describe such other work or item so that its capacity to function in place of the particular item required in the bid proposal may be clearly understood and considered by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Please see the full Instructions for Proposal for more information.